DEPartment statement


At the upper levels of photographic education, fashion photography is too often thought of as unworthy of serious consideration, superficial and corrupted by style and commerce, despite its imaginative narrative, cultural relevance, playful subversion and its profound influence on 'fine art' photography of the past thirty years.

The MPS Fashion Photography Graduate program is an intensive one-year degree program offering practicing photographers the opportunity to advance their bodies of work under the guidance of photographers, editors, creative directors and digital retouchers working at the forefront of fashion today. Bridging the gap between “high” and “low” culture, commercial and fine art photography, still and moving images, the program is dedicated to exploiting the full potential of fashion photography as a platform for invention, creativity and cultural inquiry.

The faculty consists of some of the most influential and innovative professionals in fashion photography, publishing and photographic criticism.

The MPS Fashion Photography program is premised by the understanding that the genre is a cultural matrix and an engagement with high and low culture that will help to inspire, engage and cultivate original work. The ideal candidate for the program will be fully versed in the technical tools and apparatus of photography and possess professional experience in fashion photography, seeking an immersion in critical thinking and radical innovation in a relevant ideological framework.

The goal of the program is the cultivation of an individual sensibility, informed by history and shaped by cultural forces that will withstand the pressure for aesthetic and market compromise, and will profoundly influence and affect the future of the medium.