DEPartment statement


The MPS Fashion Photography Graduate Program was founded in 2011 to give precedence to the concepts that underpin photographic practice within the space of fashion. A one-year intensive graduate course, taught by faculty and guest speakers that make up some of the most innovative and influential people in the industry – its aims are rooted in extending the visual language of the students.

Fashion photography always acts as a mirror of the times, and in response to today’s socio-political climate, we have seen an increased exploration of identity through the medium. As a result, a new generation has come to the fore to explore issues of race, sexuality and gender, globalization and sustainability. The students are invited to engage with these factors, and in turn the work they produce goes far beyond displaying garments or accessories for commercial consumption. 

The only course of its kind in the United States, its aims are to dismantle the place of fashion photography and film in contemporary society — inviting the students to scrutinize their practice. Aiding the discourse around what makes a fashion image successful both aesthetically and conceptually, the course also equips the students to work within the industry, providing the tools to collaborate and building bridges to stakeholders. The ideal candidate for the program will already be fully versed in the technical tools and apparatus of photography and possess professional experience.

The yearlong curriculum is constructed around producing a new body of work displayed in a group exhibition at the end of the term, and a short film screened at a private event in May. The success of both of these projects hinges on the ability of the student to present a unique vision and personal viewpoint.